Monday, July 18, 2016

Family Trees of Harwich Cape Verdeans now openly-available on Ancestry

I've been trying to figure out a way to post the trees online for free in database format, but for now I can at least share the information by directing everyone to my Ancestry tree.  The last time I checked, signing up was free, and I hope that is still the case.  If you already have an account, you should be able to access this tree.

Cape Verdeans of Harwich (free registration needed to view this tree)

No living individuals are visible. As always, if there are any mistakes, please also let me know.  I like to be open-source myself, but also try to document primary sources thoroughly.

One thing I hope to do in the future is set up a scholarship for high school-aged residents of Harwich and the requirement would be to research one of their ancestors who was born more than or equal to a hundred years ago.  I'm quite excited about this, but I first need to get a bit more organized.

Donations in the form of family stories and history are welcome. :D

Monday, July 11, 2016

Family of James G. Morris

James G. Morris resided in Harwich, MA  between 1893 and 1910. Born Guilherme José Meirelles, the son of Manuel José Meirelles and Antonia Lopes, he married Leopoldina de Pina ca 1874 in Brava. He likely came to the US after the birth of his son Manuel, in 1883. His wife and young children reunited with him in the US between 1883 and 1890 and they first lived in Provincetown. There were at least seven children in all, including: Antonio, Manuel, Theophilus, William, James, and Olivia. Any information or photos of this family would be much appreciated

James Benjamin Morris M.D., son of Guilherme José Meirelles (Passport Application Photo ca 1920)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Family of Bernardino Rodriques

After coming across numerous records from São João referring to Bernardino Rodriques, I'm taken a short break from transcribing records to focus on his family because this is particularly fascinating to me.  He was married to my 3rd-great aunt, Mathilde da Graça de Pina, the natural (illegitimate) daughter of José Tavares de Pina and Perpetua da Graça. If any one has any information or would like to learn about what I've found, please contact me here, through, and by email.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Transcriptions of Baptismos, Matrimonios, and Obitos

Most of these transcriptions are in progress


Nossa Senhora do Monto (Brava)
São João Baptista (Brava)
Nossa Senhora da Ajuda (Fogo)

São João Baptista (Brava)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Example Transcription of Cape Verdean Baptism Records

Please use this attempted transcription to help with translating baptism records


No 79

Affonso, filho natural de Perpetua daGraça

Aos trinta e um dias do mes de Maio do anno de mil oito centos setenta e nove, n'esta Igreja Parochial de Sao Joao Baptista da Ilha Brava, Diocese de Cabo Verde, baptizei solenemente um indivíduo do sexo masculino a quem dei o nome de Affonso que nasceu no dia nove do corrente, filho legitimo [diz o] filho natural de Perpetua da Graça, natural de Ilha Brava, paroquiano d'este freguesia moradora no sítio de de Matto Grande neto materno de Gertrudes da Graça foi com padrinhos Joaquim Tavares de Pina, casado, [laoi ador], e EugeniaJesus Senna, solteira. os quais todos [sei] serem os próprios. E paradiga próprios.  Nesta mesma data compare [ceu ma] minha presença Jose Tavares de Pina [vinva], [disse] me que reconhecia o baptizando por seu legítimo filho. E para constar mandei [laoi ar] [em] duplicado este termo que assigno com o pai e o padrinho e naõ a madrinha por declarar naõ saber escrever.
[Esa ut supia]

O Vigio. Joaõ Rodriguez da Fonceca (signature)
Jose Tavares di Pinna (signature)
Joaquim Tavares Depina (signature)


No 79

Affonso, natural son of Perpetua daGraça

At thirty-one days of the month of May of the year one thousand eight hundred seventy nine, this Parochial Church of Saint John the Baptiste of the Island of Brava, Diocese of Cape Verde, solemnly baptized the male whom gave the name of Affonso who was born on the nith of this month, legitimate son [says the] natural son of Perpetua daGraça, natural of the Island of Brava, parishioner of this parish, resident in Matto Grande, maternal grandson of Gertrude daGraça, was with godparents Joaquim Tavares DePina, married, [laoi ador], and Eugenia Jesus Senna, single. All of whichknow to be themselves and tell themselves. On this same date compare [coumaminho] presence Jose Tavares dePina [vinva], told me that recognized the baptizing for his legitimate son. And for the record sent [laviar] [su] duplicate this term [assigno] with his father and the godfather and not the godmother by declaring not write.
[Esa ut supra]

The Vicar Joaõ Rodriguez da Fonceca (signature)
Jose Tavares de Pinna (signature)
Joaquim Tavares DePina (signature)

Citation: "Cabo Verde, Registros Paroquiais, 1787-1957," images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 December 2015), Brava > São João Baptista > Batismos 1875-1882 > image 430 of 624; Arquivo Nacional de Cabo Verde, Praia, Ilha de Santiago (Cape Verde National Archives, Praia, Ilha de Santiago).

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Harwich Cape Verdean Genealogy Book

Over the past few months, I've been working on the book version of CV Harwich Genealogy.  Hopefully it will be published by May of 2013 and will be available on